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Today, there are more than one billion bicycles in use globally. And since 2001, more than 100 million bicycles have been manufactured annually. That's double the production of 25 years ago, growing more than twice as fast as global population. But while perhaps half these bicycles are in mainland China, where they have been key to rapid development, most of the rest are in developed nations. One bicycle per Person (1BpP) addresses the tremendous unmet need for affordable bicycles at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP).

One Bicycle per Person is part of the Reconomy comprehensive strategy for sustainable prosperity. Please click here to visit our Reconomy Causes site, where you can add your name to our One Bicycle per Person petition to support this powerful part of the global reconomy movement.

In the future, each of us will have all the energy and money we need to pursue our dreams for our ourselves and the worlds we share.

The Reconomy online marketplace facilitates local trade using both local and national currency, and enables inter-community trade between members as well, using either national currency or by trading services, hour-for-hour, through our Global Timebank.

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Reconomy (definition): The worldwide renaissance of genuine community as the appropriate economic base for sustainable practice.

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